Here at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church we have a variety of Educational opportunities. We have a 3 year Confirmation program that can begin in 6th grade or later. We use Concordia Publishing House's 60 Lesson Confirmation curriculum. 

We have different opportunities for Youth including Youth groups for High School students, and for Middle School students. These groups meet weekly as well as participate in servant events and community activities. 

Our Sunday School Program is Year round. We break up our program into 3 trimesters. The Fall, The Spring, and the Summer. While most churches pause during the Summer we look to emphasize that our faith journey is never ending and never ceasing. In the Fall and the Spring trimesters we use Concordia Publishing House's Enduring Faith Curriculum.  Then in the Summer trimester we take a Vacation Bible School that is traditionally done in 5 days and convert it into a 10 week Summer Program. We want to continue to provide educational opportunities for those in attendance no matter what time of year it is.