My children have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Cousins for the start of their Christian education at Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool. The program is just the right fit for children 3-4 years of age.  Mrs. Cousins provided a great balance of grace and authority with the children. The classroom atmosphere was fun, caring and friendly.  The focus on social skills, learning through play, letter recognition, numbers, outside presentations and the benefit of a small class was an ideal setting for my children. Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool provided a nice mix of socialization and Christian educational development for our daughters to prepare for kindergarten and beyond. ~  Suzanne & Eric Laurent

We cannot say enough about the preschool program at Good Shepherd, especially praising the teachers, who genuinely care about our children, provided a structured program, along with preparing them for Kindergarten. The teachers created a warm, nurturing, safe environment, in which we are thrilled our three children got to experience.  We feel blessed that all three of our children have attended the preschool and highly recommend it to any family.  ~ Jeff and Jamie Owens

We sent both of our children to Good Shepard Lutheran Preschool and had a wonderful experience. The curriculum prepares the children for 4K and makes learning fun. My child would come home from school talking about the things they did in class and couldn't wait to go back to school. Our 3 year-old really blossomed while at Good Shepard Lutheran Preschool. The teachers are caring, well trained and compassionate and we highly recommend this preschool school to anyone. ~ Teresa & Joseph Ulrich

Two of our boys have attended Good Shepherd Preschool, and they've both had wonderful experiences.  Mrs. Cousins and Mrs. Bauer provide a safe, warm and engaging environment in which children can develop a relationship with Jesus.  It's been so rewarding to see how our little ones gain confidence and blossom socially and academically, all while having lots of fun! ~ Kristin A. Brellen 

You have a real talent/skill of teaching and dealing with the children.  Your tone of voice says you care and pulls/draws them in to listen to directions/lessons.  You have a song about just about everything which invites the little ones in to the situation and generates their active listening/learning.  Sure hope you can clone anyone that would follow after you would retire.  The program wouldn’t be the same without your skills.  We sent our oldest here.  Our next one went to a different program.  Wish we would have sent her here as well.  We recommend this program to our friends and co-workers.  Job well done!! ~ Heather Leaman

Two of our daughters have had 3 year old preschool at Good Shepherd.  Both girls had a great time learning and playing here at school.  It is a great mix of educational and play based learning as well as reinforcing their Christian education.  As a family we have had a very positive experience at Good Shepherd Preschool and our 3rd child will absolutely attend preschool here! ~ Kyle and Amanda Schneider